Sunrise wins the Black Tulip Award

Sunrise won the Black Tulip Award for Best feature film at the 31st Imagine: Amsterdam Fantasy Film Festival.
Here are the Jury’s comments:
The Black Tulip Award for the best film was presented by a jury consisting of animator Aimée de Jongh, film producer Frans van Gestel and journalist Marten Mantel.
Sunrise by Partho Se-Gupta (India/France, 2014):
The Black Tulip Award jury chose Sunrise, an impressive thriller about a father searching for his missing daughter. With a backdrop of the filthiest districts of Mumbai at night and a soundtrack of continuous rainfall, this is a film that’s as depressing as it is impressive. From the very first scene, the film exudes a gloomy but intriguing atmosphere. An important achievement of the film is the denouncement of a horrible, ignored social problem in India, without appearing moralistic. Another impressive element is the fact that the almost invisible line between fact and fantasy never becomes frustrating. The tranquil heartbeat of the film and the precise editing, indicate the command the director has over his story. The realistic, almost restrained, acting, makes it possible to identify with the protagonist, despite his situation being almost unimaginable for Westerners.


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